Feature Roundup – 25 Jan 2023

Our first roundup of the new year and we're back in full swing! Improvements to the Dashboard view and In-App Resources so you have fast access to docs and guides 💡

Feature Roundup – 25 Jan 2023

Our first update for the new year, and we're back in full swing! We've got some improvements to the dashboard view as well as easy access to in-app resources and guides.

New Features

In-app guides and resources

Ai generated tasks for your OKRs

You can now find a list of resources to help you set better goals and get the best out of Tability. Our guides cover:

  • Workspace setup and configuration
  • General OKRs knowledge
  • Best practices for goal-setting
  • Best practices for goal-tracking
  • How to use initiativesJust click on the "Guides & resources" link at the bottom of the nav to see all the guides!

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See contributing outcomes and initiatives in your dashboard

We've added a toggle option in your dashboard to see outcomes and initiatives where you have been marked as a contributor, instead of just the items where you're an owner.

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🌈 App Improvements


  • The presentation mode now opens in a new tab. That way you won't lose context if you decide to view the presentation mode from a listing.
  • Your last visited filter tab is now persisted. You'll go back to "outcomes" or "initiatives" just by clicking on the filters.
  • We improved the design of the notifications to make them easier to read.


  • Fixed the pagination of active outcomes in your dashboard.

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💭 New Content

How to write good OKRs in under 30 minutes
Turn themes into OKRs in 3 simple steps without breaking a sweat.

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Send us your feedback

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