Feature Roundup – More Stats on Outcomes and Emoji Reactions!

Understanding what's going on in your business is important, and we're bringing you more data points and graphs to help you stay on that company pulse!

Tability Feature Roundup

Charts are bicycles for the mind. They make it 10x faster to understand what's going on – and when it comes to your business, it's so important to have a pulse on what's going good and what really needs your attention.

This is what we have in mind as we're building the features the past few weeks. More visuals and more data to help you succeed with your biggest goals.

✨ What's new

Insights in outcomes listing

You'll find new stats and insights in the outcomes listing to help you understand the state of the goals in your workspace.

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Celebrate achievements with reactions

You can now show support to your teammates by adding reactions to check-ins and comments ☺️. It's a nice and easy way to acknowledge the efforts of the team, and it adds a more personal feel to collaboration!

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