Is your team engaged with their OKRs? New insights dashboard

Implementing OKRs is one thing, but whether or not your team is actually engaging with them is whole other thing. Our latest features will give you better insights on how your team is taking to your OKRs.

Is your team engaged with their OKRs? New insights dashboard
New insights dashboard in Tability

Change is hard; especially when it comes to introducing something new like OKRs in a company. Some folks might not be too keen on it because they're used to the old ways of setting goals. There might be worries about suddenly having more accountability or not really understanding how OKRs can actually help.

Beyond just the change management, keeping track of progress and keeping everyone updated is super important too. Regular check-ins or meetings about OKRs help keep everyone in the loop. Being open about any changes and celebrating wins along the way can keep the momentum going and make sure everyone stays motivated.

This is all easier said than done, of course. Because getting your team to actually do their check-ins and actually engage with your OKRs, can feel like a sisyphean task in itself.

At Tability, we know that this is a common issue in OKRs. That's why we're always trying to bring you the tools you need to make your OKR rollout as smooth as possible.

Check out some of our new features below. 

Latest features

This week our feature roundup has everything to do with insights and reporting. Let's take a closer look at what's new in Tability.

Workspace Insights Dashboard

Workspace insights in Tability

The new Workspace Insight dashboard in Tability gives you insights on workspace usage and quickly identify gaps and keep an eye on engagement. This can help you:

  • Surface plans and goals that need to be reviewed
  • Monitor overall progress on outcomes and ouputs
  • Drive engagement and identify performance gaps

This is just a start! In the upcoming weeks, we will add additional sections to help you make sure that goal distribution is correctly done, and give you more options to look at past quarters or focus on specific teams.

See a guide on how to use Workspace Dashboard

Get more context with improvement insights

Improvement notation on Outcomes to show you how metrics are trending

You will now find a new metric showing you the variation since the last check-in. You can hover over the metric to see more details about the improvement.

This should help you get more context to understand how progress is going, as well as help you identify discrepancies (ex: confidence is green, but progress is negative or stalling).

Let us know what you think!

PDF Export for Presentation Mode

New PDF export in Tability

You can now download the presentation mode as a PDF. This will replace the old PDF export that we had previously.

How to use it:

  1. Go to your plan dashboard
  2. Click on the Presentation button
  3. Click on Download as PDF

That's it!

Fresh Content

We're always publishing new articles about OKR best practices and Tability how-to's. Here's what's new in our resources.

10 tools to keep your team engaged with OKRs

Obviously, this week we introduced the new Workspace Insights dashboard, but there's more to measuring engagement than just that. We go through all the advanced features that show how Tability helps you understand your team's OKR adoption.

10 tools to keep your team engaged with OKRs
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New and Redesigned Documentation

As part of our effort to help your OKR adoption, we also know that we need to make our tool as easy to use as possible. Part of that is having great documentation of all of our features to make sure you know how to get the most out of Tability.

Getting started - Tability Guides

Customer highlights

We got so much positive feedback from our customers this week! We wanted to highlight a few of them and say thanks for all of your continued support.

That's it for this week. Hope you all enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday! Q1 is just around the corner!