Introducing notifications for outstanding pull requests and issues in Squadlytics

Collaboration tools, issues trackers and development platforms have made it much easier to manage the work that needs to be done. We spec features, design them and then create stories that get picked up and go through the development lifecycle until they’re shipped to customers.


There are times though where the handoff from one stage to the other is not as smooth. We often focus on facilitating the interactions between Product Management, Design and Development but the review stage can also be a bottleneck for the engineering team — typically it happens when a developer has finished implementing a feature or fixing a bug and they’re waiting for their peers to have a look at it. The problem is that everybody else on the team is also working on their own tickets, creating their own pull requests in the meantime. So you end up having to browse the various repositories of your team and nudge people to make sure that reviews get done.

We want to make that easier and this is why we have added Project Alerts in Squadlytics.


You can create rules to be alerted when pull requests are open for too long. Instead of having to go through each repository and scan reviews to find out the ones that need to be closed, you can simply let Squadlytics notify you when something requires your attention. We have also added rules for issues in progress to help you find work items that take too long to get to your customers. This is important to us because the longer a change is in progress, the more it will put your release at risk.

We’re looking forward to add more options for this features as we believe it will help teams be more efficient.

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