Introducing: Tability Onboarding Accelerator

New in-app resources and tutorials to help you bridge the gap between OKR theory and OKR practice. Free in the Tability app now.

Introducing: Tability Onboarding Accelerator

OKRs in theory are amazing. When done right OKRs have many benefits, they give your company focus, align your teams around outcomes, gets your team more engaged, and creates a healthy sense of urgency around what's important. Like anything, theory and practice do not always look the same; having the blueprints, doesn't mean you know how to build a good house.

I wish I could tell you that just getting a tool like Tability will solve all your OKR challenges. But building processes and getting great engagement takes preparation, persistence, the right culture, and then a good goal-tracking tool too 😉

But we're building Tability with this challenge in mind. We want to not only help you track your OKRs and goals, but also teach you how to set them, stick to them, engage your teams, and ultimately build a successful business.

So to bridge the gap between theory and practice we're launching the all new Tability Onboarding Accelerator.

What is the Tability Onboarding Accelerator?

the all new Tability Onboarding Accelerator

We've taken all the best practices and brought them straight into Tability for your convenience. The Tability Onboarding Accelerator is your one-stop shop for not only learning how to set up and use Tability, but also for teaching you about the practices and processes that will help you be successful outside the product.

How to access the Tability Onboarding Accelerator:

  1. Go to your My Focus page
  2. In the bottom section of the right-side column, find the Tutorials section.
  3. Click on Tability Onboarding Accelerator

What you'll learn in the Tability Accelerator

Our Tability Onboarding Accelerator is broken down into 5 main sections:

  1. Live Coaching and Webinars: We will be hosting 3 webinars weekly where you can tune in to learn more about goals and processes and ask any questions you may have.
  2. Getting Started: Teaching you about the processes, about the tool, and even book a call with a team member to have them walk you through the basics.
  3. Running a Successful Pilot: Lean best practices and prepare yourself with the knowledge you need going forward. *Queue training montage*
  4. Setting Goals: Now getting into the meat of it. How to set goals and start your quarter with your team.
  5. Tracking Goals: Writing check-ins, building your weekly routines and keeping your goals on track. Now we're cookin'.

Each of these sections is designed to help you through the many stages of becoming an OKR expert and guiding your team throughout the journey. While it's impossible to make theory and practice match perfectly, this will help you understand the challenges you may run into and navigate your journey in the best ways.

You'll get access to videos, webinars every week and amazing OKR and goals-related tutorials, like this one from Wyl, our Head of Customer Success:

Obviously all this content is available for free in our app. If you're already signed up go check it out now, and if you're not, what are you waiting for!?

Last but not least – this kind of content is only good if it addresses the issues that YOU are having. Let us know if this content is helpful, and more importantly, let us know what you wanna know! You can always send us a note at [email protected].

You can also come join us in one of our 3 weekly webinars and ask questions!

Links to our webinars:

These webinars are also available in the Accelerator. Go check it out!