New AI features – auto detect metric values on your OKRs

AI makes our jobs easier, usually by automating the small mundane tasks from our workday. This new Tability feature does just that.

New AI features – auto detect metric values on your OKRs

AI makes our jobs easier. It's not always in the most obvious ways either. While being able to generate a portrait of 'Donatello from Ninja Turtles in the style of the Mona Lisa' is nothing short of a miracle, it's the little enhancements and efficiencies that AI provides that make the most difference in our work-life. In many cases, it's completely seamless and we hardly notice how many seconds, minutes, hours, and days these small AI enhancements can save us.

More and more we're going to see AI taking over our mundane tasks. It'll help us avoid more human error in small tasks and free us to focus more, to create more, and leverage our expertise into more meaningful and unique problems.

At Tability, we're well aware of this shift in processes. We use our own product every day and add to our wishlist of things to improve how things work and automate simple tasks and inputs. With AI, these wish list items become so much more accessible and easy to build. Automations that would have been impossible to imagine can be done with a simple API plug in now.

To add to our suite of AI features, we've added a slick new piece of automation to our goal editor. Not only does our goal editor generate a full set of goals or OKRs in just a few seconds, but we now have the ability to automatically detect metrics in those goals. Using your goal, Tability can find the metric you're tracking, the starting and target values, and apply this to your goal so that you don't have to manually change anything.

For example, if your goal is "build 12 new integrations with AI", Tability will automatically apply a target value of "12 integrations".

Now you may be thinking, "big whoop, that's an easy one." But because we're leveraging AI, it can also understand more sophisticated wording in your goals.

Goals like, "double our social media following from 120 followers" will automatically set a starting point of 120 followers, a target of 240 followers on your goal. If you say, "Increase our NPS rating from 25 to 40," it will recognize NPS as the metric and the values to be starting at 25 and ending at 40.

Isn't that neat? We think so.

The brilliance of AI

And yes, we understand that this is not a 16th century Da Vinci masterpiece of a pizza-eating sewer turtle — nothing could ever match that. But these small enhancements that help cut out every day mundane tasks are the AI enhancements that will really push us to be more efficient and productive at the workplace—saving you seconds, minutes, hours, and days over your workweek.

New Tability Features

Here are all of the latest releases in Tability.

AI metric detection

This is what we were talking about Tability will now automatically detect the type of goals that you're setting and adjust the target accordingly.

Learn more about this new feature in our docs.

Strategy Map Filters

We've added new filters to the Strategy Map. You can customise the view to only show plans belonging to a certain team, or that have a specific status or timeline.


We're sweating the details and fixing the bugs – here's what's been improved lately.

  • You can now properly indent text multiple times in rich text fields.
  • We've updated the email invite form to allow you to add easily invite multiple users.
  • Contributors now receiving notifications when check-ins are due.

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