We're done. How about you build your own OKR dashboard?

We're sick of building dashboards for you. So we made it possible for you to build your own custom OKR dashboard.

We're done. How about you build your own OKR dashboard?
New custom dashboards in Tability

Tability is your OKR command center. It's designed to surface all the data that you want to know about your OKRs, answer all the questions, and show it to you in a digestible and visual way.

To do that we've built a lot of different OKR dashboards; one for every use case we can think of. Wanna see how all your goals are connected? There's a view for that. Wanna see every goal across the org that's in the red? There's one for that too. Wanna see what Dave over in accounting has been up to? Not much, but there's a view for just that too... Come on, Dave.

Every day we're designing and building new ways to see your OKRs β€” to shed new light on your progress, your team, and your strategy.

But we're tired of it. We're done. We're sick of building new dashboards for you.


... Because now you can πŸ˜‡

Every company does their strategy different and their needs are different too. Rather than building more views that may or may not work for your team, we decided to dedicate our time into putting a more scalable system in place.

With Custom Dashboards, you can now build the dashboard of your dreams. Drag, drop, organize all the information you're looking for into one page so that you can track everything you care about in a single view. Heck, make 2, or 3, or 10 dashboardsβ€”one for every question you have about your OKRs.

This and more in our newest feature release. Read more below πŸ‘‡

What's new in Tability πŸ₯³

We're always building stuff! Here's a rundown of all the latest features in Tability.

Custom Dashboards! (beta)

NEW Custom Dashboards in Tability

Custom Dashboards allow you to create unique views that combine information from different sources using widgets.

For instance, you can create a dashboard that contains:

  • A summary of the top-level company OKRs
  • Profile widgets for your collaborators
  • A list of all the key results that are currently off-track or at-risk

Drag and drop widgets, resize and organize to create exactly the dashboard you want.

BETA: Go to your workspace now to try this feature out. This feature is currently in beta, so please let us know if there are any bugs or improvements you'd like to see! Your feedback is essential πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Workspace Audit

Workspace audit in the Insights view

Ever wonder if you're doing your OKRs the right way?

Well there's no exact right way, but we've added some new data to the Insights tab that will help surface errors, mistakes, missing info, or things that can be improved.

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