✨New! Cascading outcomes map

The latest releases and news in the Tability world. Check out our latest feature, the cascading map, and get more transparency into the work your team is doing.

✨New! Cascading outcomes map
New cascading map in Tability

One of the most important aspects of the OKR framework is that it provides transparency. Transparency into what team's are working on, what managers expect, how people and objectives are connected.

A key term people see often in OKRs is the term cascading. Cascading and aligning OKRs helps you see those connections between objectives, between people, and between outcomes you're trying to achieve – further creating that sense of transparency.

At Tability, we have a strong belief that this transparency is the key to a better workplace and better processes. Building accountability and making sure people are on the same page is crucial to business success and good company culture.

This week we introduce a new way to see your objectives and how they connect to each other, giving you a whole new level of transparency into your company's projects.  

New Features

Cascading Map: see how your OKRs cascade

There's a new Cascading Map view that makes it easy to see how the goals of a specific plan cascade down through your org.Here's how you can use the Cascading Map:

  1. Organise your OKRs in layers using plans and sub-plans
  2. Click on a specific KR that you want to connect to a parent or dependency
  3. In the right side of the KR panel, click on "Add relationship"
  4. Use the form to add a parent or a dependency
  5. Repeat that operation with all the KRs that need to be connected

Once you're done, you can simply go to your top-level plan and click on the "Map" tab to load the cascading map.

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Language support for French, Portuguese and Spanish (beta)

You can now switch the language of the web app to pick your preferred language.

⚠️ Translation are in beta

We used an AI to provide translations, and we're now working with native speakers to double-check everything. It's quite likely that you'll have some uh ho moments as some of the translations will make little sense.

We hesitated a lot before releasing this beta, but we thought it'd still help many of our users, even with if it contains some mistakes.

Please don't hesitate to tell us what's wrong or missing! 🙇‍♂️

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🌈 Improvements

The hierarchy of plans in your workspace will determine the layout of your Strategy Map. This is why it's important to adopt the right structure to make it easier to see how plans align in your org.We recommend a structure that looks like this:

📁 Company OKRs
    |- 📁 Department OKRs
            |- 📁 Team OKRs

You can now easily organise your plans in the Plans section by dragging plans and dropping them where they need to be.

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