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Scale your product development with data

Squadlytics is born from a simple observation: what your team is doing today will impact how your business is doing tomorrow.

Of course, you need to start by having the right strategy. But once it is set, it's your ability to execute that will make a difference. Our goal at Squadlytics is to help product teams stay focused and fix bottlenecks before they impact their bottom line. The better the teamwork, the happier the customers.

Establish your baselines

You need to know where you're starting from before you can set goals for your team. That is the first thing that Squadlytics helps you do by providing you insights on all the phases of your release cycle. Whether it's the number of tasks that you're able to go through, the quality of the code, or the pace of your releases, you'll be able to see trends in your projects and across your organization.


The way it works is pretty simple. Squadlytics connects to the tools you are using (Jira, Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab and more...) and lets you group data together to keep track of your projects' activity.

Get visibility across your organization

What are the current initiatives? Who's working on what? When was the last deployment? These are recurring questions that need to be answered to make sure that execution is going well. With Squadlytics you can check all that from a single place by providing both project summaries and details on the items in progress. We also offer dashboards for individual contributors to help understand what your team members are working on and if they need help.



You can also get weekly reports to track progress and see how each initiative is doing over time.

Automate your job

Team Leads and Product Manager spend a lot of time combing issues, tasks and reviews to make sure that their team is not blocked, and that development is healthy. This is time-consuming as you have to log into different tools, parse issues trackers and repositories to find potential problems.

Squadlytics solves that by allowing you to create rules in your projects to automate the discovery of bottlenecks. Alerts will then be generated automatically when the rules are broken. That way you can spend more quality time helping your team instead of browsing around looking for issues.


Improve teamwork, win customers

Our ultimate goal is to give you the means to work better as a team and fix productivity issues before they affect your customers. The investment you do to keep a fast release cycle will both give you an edge on your competition, and help you adapt quickly to changes in the market.

You can try Squadlytics for free, and don't hesitate to reach out at contact@squadlytics.com if you have any questions.

I'm Sten, founder of Squadlytics. You can follow me (@stenpittet) or Squadlytics (@squadlytics) on Twitter, and you can subscribe to our newsletter below.