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Squad weekly: issues for Team Insights, shared history between projects

See what we've been up to this week. Don't hesitate to ask questions in the comments.

What's new?

Issues for team insights

Last week we announced Team Insights, a feature that allows your team to know what people are working on at a glance. Now you can also see issues in progress in the assignee's profile in Squadlytics.

Shared history between projects

You can now add integrations to multiple projects and see the same history shared across all your project.

Editable slugs (URLs) for projects and workspaces

It is now possible to change the slug used to determine the URL of a project or a workspace separately from the name. You can do it upon creation, or after by editing the corresponding project or workspace.

What's fixed?

Improved timelines for charts

Some charts had the last week or month missing depending on the filters. Now the timeline will always show you all the data for the relevant period.

(Bitbucket Pipelines) Duration of pipelines with manual stages

We fixed an issue with the duration of pipelines that had manual stages.

User invites from the team section

We fixed a bug with the user invites for newly created workspaces. You can now add people to your workspace from the team section and get access to the Team Insights features.

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