70% of projects fail

Most projects fail, mainly due to a lack of clear goals. But that's exactly why Tability exists.

70% of projects fail

70% of projects fail to meet or exceed their targets. And about ~40% of the time, this is due to a lack of clearly defined and measurable goals.

That's awful.

But that's also the problem we set ourselves to tackle with Tability. Our mission is to make goals front and centre in every org, and I'd like to give you a glimpse of what's coming up next quarter.

What we've done so far: simple and intuitive goal-tracking

The first milestone was to create the easiest way for teams to set and track goals. We're almost there, and you might have noticed a few changes to improve the UI and give you better ways to slice and dice the data.

What's coming up: trace dependencies, scaling teams,  integrations, and smart insights

The next milestone is about improving visibility at scale. That means better dependency management to anticipate cross-team issues. But it's also about new kinds of automation to surface content that you need to review.

Our pillars:

  • Trace dependencies: we're not big fans of cascading OKRs, but we do believe in aligning your goals—and we want to make it 10x easier. Expect a lot more to help you see dependencies at scale in the Strategy Map and your plans.
  • Supporting teams: you'll have soon the ability to have proper teams in Tability. And it's not just about creating groups of users! We also want to create hubs where you can capture your daily/weekly standups and reflections.
  • Integrations: we've been working on a few project management and content integrations to help you connect your goals to your work. You can also expect our public API to be released.
  • Smart Insights: what's off-track? Who needs your attention? Tability will help you answer these questions rapidly without requiring intensive setup and configuration.

I'm super excited about our roadmap, and I hope you are too!

(Want to try our platform? Sign up at https://tability.io, it's free!)