A central place for all goals

We're building a central place for goals. See how to do more than just OKRs in Tability.

A central place for all goals

This may sound weird given how much we talk about OKRs, but our main job at Tability isn't to track objectives and key results.

Our job is to bring focus and clarity to teams:

  • Have a clear set of goals
  • Use the goals to drive the roadmap
  • Keep a tight feedback loop between outcomes and outputs

We are a central place for goals – no matter how you want to track them. And this is how we can help you understand the health of your org.

But in order to do this, we needed to have more flexible ways to view and track simple metrics. There are plenty of times where you just way to track a KPI by writing down the name of the metric, its target, and the current value.

So starting today, every workspace on Premium can now create simplified dashboards that are optimised for KPI tracking.

KPIs in Tability

These dashboards are designed to help you monitor quickly a set of metrics by keeping the dashboards light and organising the data in a way that is easy to consume.

You still get the advantage of the classic dashboards:

  • Reminders and workflows
  • Progress trends
  • Ability to see connected task and goals
  • Dedicated progress panels

Don't hesitate to try it today!

See the changelog

What's new in Tability 🥳

We're always building stuff! Here's a rundown of all the latest features in Tability.

New dashboard widgets

New widgets in Custom Dashboards

We've added 3 new widgets to the custom dashboards:

  • Outcome/KR chart: you'll be able to visualise the week-by-week progress for a specific outcome or key result.
  • Plan Net Confidence Score: the Net Confidence Score (NCS) applies the NPS formula to the confidence attached to your goals. This allows you to understand how the strategy sentiment evolves through the quarter.
  • Plan confidence trends: you can get a deeper understand of the evolution of confidence by looking at the distribution graph over time.

New integrations: Chargebee, Favro, Monday, and Trello

We've added 4 new data connectors that can automatically pull data for your check-ins.

You can now connect Tability to:

  • Chargebee to get revenue metrics
  • Favro to track collaboration data
  • Monday and Trello to track completed tasks

Our job is to help you save time, and these data connectors will allow you to create your weekly check-ins without having to switch context.

Fixed and improved ✅


  • Read-only users can now add themselves as watchers of plans
  • Plans are now correctly linked in the My Focus feed
  • Links are now highlighted in the rich text editor when you press enter


  • You can now configure the port for the MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL integrations (meaning that you can now connect Tability to AWS Redshift)
  • You can hide completed plans in the plans listing view.
  • The sidebar has a better separation of our features into sections
  • Outcomes are no longer marked as pending when you publish a plan
  • You can now chat to our AI in the edit plan mode to refine the suggested goals and initiatives
  • You can click on a sync button to trigger a synchronisation of the check-ins with the connected data source

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That's it for now! Are you excited for the new KPI dashboards? We're excited to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading. As always, hit us up if you need anything.