Year in Review - 2021

The best of Tability from 2021. Thank you to all our customers for an amazing year!

Year in Review  - 2021

2021 was a huge year for Tability.

We completely redesigned and relaunched the product (Tability 2.0), launched Tability templates, integrations and countless new features, our Slack community grew to well over 100 members, and we added three new members to the team: Margeaux, our customer champion dedicated to helping you succeed, plus Sashi and Riley, shipping code faster than we ever have before. We’re super proud of our mighty team and all we’ve been able to do in our first three years… but this is just the start! You can expect an even bigger and better Tability in 2022.

So as 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to say thank you for trusting your business with us and being a part of this amazing journey. We hope we’ve been a positive part of your's too.

– Sten, Bryan, Margeaux, Sashi, Riley, and of course, Tabby ✨

Now some highlights from 2021...

💜 Top 5 most loved features 💜

  1. Strategy Map
    In December we launched a strategy map to help you see how goals relate to each other. It shows an overview of all active plans starting from the top with the ability to expand items as you see fit.
  2. OKR Templates
    We discovered there are a lot of people new to the OKR framework, so in October we launched our OKR templates to provide an inspiring and easy way to create a plan. These have now been used over 50 times.
  3. TV mode and Public Sharing
    In August we shipped a very cool feature that always you to see your OKRs and their progress in a super simple TV mode. This feature also coincides with the public sharing view, where you can share your progress report with a quick link (a great feature for investors).
  4. Check-in history
    In June we shipped check-in history. You now can look at the progress of an OKR, click through on the specific point on your progress chart and see the check-in history, this provides you with proper context by seeing all updates history.
  5. Zapier and Api check-ins
    In November we launched our Zapier integration to connect your apps and automate workflows. You don't need to write code. You'll be able to automate progress from Hubspot, Google Sheets, Salesforce, and more.

🚢 Top 5 upvoted features 🚢

  1. Rich Text formatting for check-ins and beyond
  2. PDF exports for plans
  3. Deadlines for Tasks
  4. Ability to view progress across all team plans
  5. Integrate with Zapier

📚 Our top content of 2021 📚

  1. Cascading vs. Aligning OKRs
  2. OKRs for Product
  3. Get your OKRs out of Spreadsheets
  4. 5 must have rituals for Product teams
  5. An agile system for changing times

Happy Holidays and see you in 2022!

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