Announcing changes to our pricing — switching to fixed packages instead of per-user pricing

17/03/2020 update: The limit of pages on the Free plan has been increased to 2.

On Monday, March 23rd, 2020 we will be launching our new pricing plans for Tability.

The problem

Our current pricing is user-based, and the more we think about it, the less it makes sense for us. Tability is built to promote visibility and transparency, but $7/user/month makes it hard for customers to put their whole team on it. As a result, it makes it difficult for people to keep track of the top priorities. They need to rely on others for that.

We believe that Tability works best when everyone can have access, and we will be changing our pricing model to reflect that.

The change

We will be switching to packaged pricing with unlimited users and unlimited check-ins.

The new pricing will be based on the number of pages you are allowed to create in Tability. A page is the parent containers for your goals and OKRs, and we will only count active pages (not archived). The new plans will be organized as follow:

How it's different

We have estimated the number of pages required depending on the size of the team, and here’s how things would be different with the new pricing.

We believe that most, if not all of our customers will get a better deal with the new model — and we're hoping that it will help you take full advantage of the platform by allowing you to give access to your entire team.

What it means for existing customers

  • Paid customers on a monthly plan will be allowed to stay on their current plan until April 19th, 2020. We will be contacting each customer to assist them in the transition.
  • Paid customers on an annual plan will be allowed to stay on their current plan until their plan expires. We will be contacting each customer to assist them in the transition.
  • Customers on the Free plan will be restricted to 1 page after March 23rd, 2020. You will need to upgrade to use more pages, or you can archive old pages to create a new one.

If you wish to see how many active pages you have, you can see that number listed in the page listing.

A big change to support remote

When we built Tability we had distributed teams in mind from day one. When people are sitting far from each other, they need a simple way to understand what to focus on and see how their team is doing.

Today, we're seeing many organization having to go remote, and rather than taking advantage of this, we'd rather do our best to support them properly. Teams will need visibility and transparency, and we're changing our pricing to make sure that no one will be left in the dark.

If you have any questions you can email us at

Sten Pittet
Co-founder & CEO