Introducing Tability Standups: the better way to do daily updates

It's like Tweetdeck, but for standups

Introducing Tability Standups: the better way to do daily updates

We're super excited to introduce our new Standup module for Tability. It follows our core principle of keeping things easy to adopt and intuitive, but more importantly, it completes the feedback loops that help remote teams stay aligned:

  • Set goals every quarter with our GPT-3 assisted editor.
  • Track progress on goals with weekly check-ins.
  • Share simple daily updates with standups.

This post will cover the main features and give you a glimpse of the future.

Why build a standup feature?

We're a remote team ourselves and we needed a quick way to update each other on what we're doing. So, we tried a bunch of things: Slack bots, email reminders, Trello boards, etc.

The issue is that we couldn't find a tool that could capture simple updates without burying it all into other tasks, docs, or conversations. Additionally, most UX around standups gives you a feed that looks like a firehose, which is ok when you're super small but hardly scales as you grow.

We already had weekly check-ins happening in Tability, so why not add daily standups to it?

Like Tweetdeck, but for standups

We borrowed a lot of patterns from social networks to make our standup tool:

  • It needed to be super simple to share an update. No need to take people through a survey.
  • It needed to be super easy to isolate the 1% of people that you want to hear from.

So we ended with a simple column-based design where you start with 2 columns:

  • One listing for your standups.
  • One listing for all standups (that's the firehose 🌊).

Then, you can add more columns by following the users you want to hear from.

This pattern allows everyone to quickly build their own personal board with many advantages.

  • You can scan horizontally to see the latest standups of a group of people.
  • You can scan vertically to see the standups history of a specific person.

And, of course, you can provide comments and react to your teammates' updates, and you'll be notified via email whenever a standup has been published by someone that you follow.

The future

Right now, you can only add columns for specific users. Soon you'll find more options to create columns related to particular teams or topics.


The first 25 standups are free, and then you can purchase the Standups add-on to get unlimited usage.

This module costs $2/user/month, and you can contact support to activate the module in your workspace.

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