5 simple ways to help your team keep track of progress

Are we working on the right things? Make sure that your work is having the right impact by keeping track of progress.

5 simple ways to help your team keep track of progress

When I saw the tweet pictured above, it felt like someone just explained Tability to me. Being busy does not equal producing results, and teams need good feedback loops to make sure that they're working on the right things.

Today's post is going to be practical. I'm going to show 5 simple ways Tability can take some of the load off your shoulders to show your team how much progress they've done.

#1 Progress charts

The progress chart is the first thing that you see when you add a goal to Tability. After a couple of weeks, you'll be able to see if you're trending in the right direction.

Knowing where you're coming from makes a lot of difference. You'll make a more honest assessment of where you are today.

#2 Page reports

Keep the rest of the team engaged by sharing a link to your page report. It's a simple digest where you can quickly read the latest updates without having to click around.

You can make that link publicly accessible (like a Dropbox preview) or you can keep it private behind a login.

#3 TV Dashboards

Nothing beats a well-placed dashboard to keep things on top of the mind. Tability has built-in TV dashboard views so that you can put your goals and OKRs where everywhere can see them.

It's just one click away from your page reports, and it also scrolls and refreshes automatically.

#4 Slack integration

You can connect Tability to Slack to get weekly reminders and reports in the channel where your team works. You can focus on your work, and we'll nudge you when it's time to share progress, or when new updates are available.

#5 Mobile app

It's hard to keep up with the rest of the team when you're traveling or spending a lot of time in meetings. Use our mobile app to see how things are going while you're on the road.

Tability is available both for Android and iOS smartphones.

The outcomes/outputs feedback loop

Focusing on outcomes makes teams more engaged, but it's also a great way to empower people. You've hired smart people, and if you explain clearly the goals, then they can figure out the best way to get there.

Tability is light on purpose to enable fast feedback loops between the activity of your team and the impact it has on your business. Keeping
track of progress allows you to adjust your projects rapidly and make better decisions.

Just reply to this post if you have any feedback or questions, and you can learn more about Tability on our website.