Tips and guides to improve your goals next quarter

Get your goals and OKRs ready with our tips and tutorials for outcome-driven teams.

Tips and guides to improve your goals next quarter

We're a couple of weeks away from the end of the quarter, and you're probably discussing what you should be focusing on next quarter. We have a few things that can help you set better goals, and be ready on time for July.

OKRs for Startups

We published a simple 4-stage guide to help teams grow their outcome-driven muscle. It will help you start with simple goal-setting practices, and show you how you can adopt OKRs principles as you get comfortable.

Read the guide.

50 tips for outcome-driven teams

We also have a list of goal-setting tips that you can share or discuss with your team. They cover:

  • Why being outcome-driven matters.
  • What an outcome-driven team looks like.
  • How to get there.
  • What you should avoid doing.

Read the tips.


Of course, I'd be remiss not to mention that we have a great goal-tracking platform if you're not already using it 😏