New: AI-Powered OKR Coach

AI is here to stay and Tability is the only OKR platform embracing this. Check out our latest application of AI in your favorite goals platform.

New: AI-Powered OKR Coach
Tability Feature Roundup

As the shock of Chat-GPT is wearing off and the world is just getting used to the idea that AI is here to stay, we at Tability are doing the same. We were the first OKR software to adopt OpenAI back in December last year. While other OKR software still lack a good integration with AI, we've embraced it as a way to assist you with your OKRs and help you become more Outcome-driven.

Fact is, Tability was always built to be a self-serve solution. While other apps will send you to consultants and experts to help do the heavy lifting, our goal is to be able to teach you better goal-setting and goal-tracking habits, all through the app. We think AI is going to be a key part of this effort.

Let us show you the latest in our Tability AI journey.

✨ Introducing Coach AI

Last week we launched our latest AI-driven feature, Coach AI. With this new feature, you can get a detailed analysis and suggestions of tasks or action items, based on past updates and progress so far. Tability can take the data associated with a outcome or key result, and automatically generate a response with the click of a button.

While this only applies to key results at the moment, a feature like this opens many doors going forward. We envision similar use cases being applicable in other parts of the app, and eventually we hope we can harness even greater number of data points to help you understand your progress better than ever before.

Try it in your workspace today*, and let us know what you think and any suggestions you may have.

Read more about Coach AI in our docs πŸ‘‰

*not available for free and trial users

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