The future of Tability: How AI is revolutionizing goal tracking and OKR software

AI is bringing in a new era of technology when it comes to productivity tools and Tability is no different. We cover some ways we're thinking about AI and how we think the future of Tability may look like.

The future of Tability: How AI is revolutionizing goal tracking and OKR software

We've entered a new era of technology, like it or not.

As more and more people are starting to embrace AI as a part of our every day lives, more and more companies are integrating it into their tools as a way to improve productivity.

Tability is no different. What we have today is one of the most intuitive goal-setting tools, to go along with a goal-tracking tool that's just as powerful as the big names out there (with better usability and less complexity). The next versions of Tability are going to be more powerful and more even intuitive, as AI becomes more and more accessible and familiar to people.

Today I wanted to cover some of the ways we're thinking about this trasformation and where we think things are headed for Tability. Let's dive in.

Building a great goal-setting experience

If you look at the landscape of OKR software out there, you'll notice that many of them do a lot of the same things. Goal tracking and reporting are the core features, and they're built that way because that's what OKRs are all about. However, we realized early on in our journey that the real challenge with OKRs and goal-tracking, is knowing what goals to track in the first place:

These questions were a lot harder to have answers to.

So knowing this, we made Tability 2.0 all about being a great goal-setting experience as well as helping you track those goals. Until this day, I can confidently say, no other platform does goal-setting like we do. To supplement a great editor experience, we also wrote articles on OKR best practices, created templates, and OKR guides. The templates were even integrated into the platform, so that you could add templates seamlessly from the editor, like a squarespace or figma.

Enhanced goal-setting with AI

In November of last year, about a week after the boom of Chat-GPT, we launched our own AI integration with OpenAI. Getting business plans, playbooks, OKRs and goal templates and The timing of it all was so serendipitous, as we had been spending the last few weeks writing OKRs to populate our own library of OKR templates, with a goal of writing 100 of them a week. Just like that, Chat-GPT arrived and we were given the ability to create an infinite amount of templates instantly.

Today, if you create a new plan or workspace, one of the first things you can do is use our goals AI to create your first plan. Using AI, we've created a goal-setting experience now where anyone on your team can jump into the workspace on day one and create some OKRs for themselves. No consultants, no coaches, no certifications. Heck, you don't even need to be there.

This opens up OKRs and goals to the entire company and helps your designers, and engineers, and non-manager folks the power to engage with OKRs and the company strategy right away.

Bringing AI into goal-tracking and reporting

Now that we've built a beautifully integrated AI piece into goal-setting, the question is "how do we expand to everywhere else in the platform?"

We know that goal-setting is important, but not the end of the process by any means. You need to track your goals, update progress, iterate, execute on tasks. Then you also need to create reports, communicate progress, present your OKRs in meetings. Goal-tracking and reporting are the meat of the process once you've got your goals.

New questions arise when you start to track your goals:

  • How do I stay on track?
  • What changes should we make?
  • How do we turn things around?

We're already experimenting with ways that we can answer these questions. This past week we launched a new Tabby AI Coach.

With the click of a button now, you can get an analysis on your progress and get suggestions for action items to help you improve your outcomes. Try it in the tool today!*

It's still early on, but we will continue to experiment with ways that we can help you think about your OKRs more in depth and spark meaningful conversations that will drive your efforts in the right direction.

The Future with Tability and AI

The way we see it, AI isn't going anywhere but it's not going to replace us. We have to embrace it and figure out ways to use it in ways that enhance our own abilities.

While we add more and more AI features, we still genuinely believe that OKRs require that human input. You need to reflect and find the path to success yourself. People can still comprehend and understand context much faster than AI can. But much like Chat-GPT, we think it can be used to guide you in new ways you hadn't thought of and to see your progress, your goals, your business in a new ways.

As you use Tability more and more, there will be more and more data (used securely of course) that our AI can reference to give you new insights on your business. It'll be able to answer those big hairy questions you have about your business, that aren't easy to answer...

  • What parts of my business need my attention?
  • What's working and what's not?
  • Are there things we haven't tried that maybe we should be?

The beauty of it too, is that it will also most likely start to answer questions you didn't even have yet. The possibilities are endless.

We think we'll be able to give you any kind of insight you want on your team's progress with a simple prompt or a click of a button. You'll able to have a pulse on your business at all times, and know exactly how to take action to continue growing your business.

That's how we envision the future of OKRs and goal-tracking, and the future of Tability – The ultimate accountability tool to help you achieve your goals faster.

We hope that you're just as excited about it as we are, and more importantly, we hope that using Tability makes your business more successful.

Let us know what you think, and thanks for all your support so far. We're just getting started 🔥

*Tabby Coach AI is not available on trial and free tiers. For more info: pricing