Remote habits are also good for colocated teams

Every company would benefit from working like a remote team, even if people are sitting next to each other.

Remote habits are also good for colocated teams

You don't have to wait for your first remote hire to start embracing remote habits. They're good for you, and the same processes that help distributed teams work together can also benefit a team sitting in the same office:

  • Everything has to be documented
  • Vision and goals have to be clear
  • Micromanagement has to go
  • You celebrate results rather than time-spent
  • Processes need to be defined or even better, automated
  • People own their time

The hard part of remote is that it requires more time and discipline. Colocated teams can go around things with ad hoc conversations. Customer interviews are not written down, but you hear about them during your coffee run. Project reports are not up-to-date, but that's okay because John talked about it at lunchtime.

Remote habits are not easy, but they help create empowered teams.

We're a remote team ourselves, and Tability helps us build those habits into our workflows. We focus our discussions on goals (what would probably be OKRs for you), our feedback process is automated, and we keep track of progress every week. We don't care about when people get to work, or if they took a long lunch break. We care about the impact our work has on our customers.

If you're already using Tability, we'd love to have you on our community — the more we share our experiences, the better we can make the future of work.