Scaling Small — a Newsletter About Growing Lean

Throwing more people at a problem is not a sustainable solution. You need to look for better ways to work as well as finding the best people to help

Scaling Small — a Newsletter About Growing Lean

What are we doing?

We launched Tability less than a year ago. The first quarter, we learned that we were pretty bad at Sales, and in the second quarter we understood that we also sucked at Marketing. 😬

But during that time we also realized that we have good stories and experience to share. So, rather than trying to be something we're not, we want to focus on what we love doing: talk about building product.

No more emails about features — just a series of practical tips and plays to help teams grow.

Why "Scaling Small"?

Everyone has experienced some variation of Brooks's law: adding more people to a project won't make that team more productive right away. It takes time for new members to ramp up and for you to adapt your processes.

But it can get worse. Once you pass a certain point, each extra person slows down the pace of work for good. Go big enough, and things feel outrageously slow and sluggish. Innovation doesn't come anymore from the inside but from buying other companies.

Scaling is an issue shared by large and small teams, but they're going at it from different ends. Small companies must learn how to grow fast, large organizations must find ways to keep things lean.

Scaling small is a way to talk about this paradox: throwing more people at a problem won't be a sustainable solution, and you need to look for better ways to work as well as finding the best people to help.

What you can expect

We'll cover a broad range of topics — from roadmaps to design, team structure to managing feedback, goal-setting to experiments. And we want to bring in other perspectives too! So don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to share something.

What will happen to product announcements?

I'm glad you ask! 😅 We'll move product announcements in-app, where it makes more sense for you to find them.

From now on, our newsletter will be focused on sending you tips about how you can do big things while staying lean. You can subscribe at the bottom of this post.