Auto-populate your metrics from Google Sheets

Say hey to Google Sheets, as the newest member of our integrations fam! This powerful new data connector and more in our latest Feature Roundup!

Auto-populate your metrics from Google Sheets
Google Sheets for Tability

Hello again! At Tability, we're committed to continuously enhancing your experience and providing you with the best possible solution for your strategic and goal-tracking needs. With our latest releases, we've taken your feedback to heart and worked swiftly to bring you two exciting new features that will revolutionize the way you work.

First, we're thrilled to announce that you can now pull data directly from your Google Sheets, seamlessly integrating your spreadsheet data into your Tability plans and outcomes. We know that Google Sheets can be an incredibly versatile tool, so combining the formulas and the customizability of Sheets with the presentation and power of Tability could mean huge changes for how you work with your most important metrics.

Additionally, we understand the importance of tracking progress with precision, so tasks now support a wider set of statuses. No longer limited to the Now, Next, Later model, your tasks can go through a more natural progression of to-do to done and everything in between.

New Features

Google Sheets Integration

We've just added Google Sheets as a new data source! You can now automatically pull data from Google Sheet.This will allow you to:

  • Auto-populate the value field of your check-ins
  • Sync data from your spreadsheets automatically (premium subscriptions only).

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Get finer grain statuses for work in progress

We've added a new set of statuses to help you track in a more precise way the state of your initiatives and tasks. You can now indicate if a specific initiative is planned, in progress, blocked, etc.

We haven't yet updated the roadmap board (now, next, later), but we do plan to replace it with a new board that follow the steps listed here.

💭 New Content

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Oldies but goodie

It's time to start planning for next quarter, and that means, it's RETRO time! Take this Throwback Thursday to freshen up on your past quarter and what you should and should not continue into the next.

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Thank you

Typically this section is where we ask you for your input and feedback (and believe me, we listen), but today I just wanted to thank you all for your continued support. We've been getting an overwhelmingly great response from you all lately and through our in app NPS surveys. We feel the love!

If there is anything we can do to make this experience even better for you, hit us up. You know how.