Chat with Tabby πŸ’¬ Enhanced AI with GPT-4o

We've launched an exciting new update to our AI generator. Create and edit your dream OKRs, all with help from our chatbot, Tabby.

Chat with Tabby πŸ’¬ Enhanced AI with GPT-4o

Hello world.

When we introduced our ChatGPT integration back in 2022 and we already knew then that OpenAI and ChatGPT were about to change everything. Here we are 2 years later and we're still stunned every day with the new advancements that AI provide.

Throughout the past two years we've adapted with the new advancements, and continued to improve how Tability utilizes the power of AI:

Today, with the recent release of ChatGPT-4o, we've once again revamped our Tability OKR generator (some call it Tabby) with it. With GPT-4o, we can now have full conversations with Tabby making it much easier to craft your goals and make sure they're good SMART goals.

Much like the original OKR generator, Tabby will spit out a full plan with objectives, key results, and tasks. In the past, you would have to accept the results then go in manually to update your goals to the right metrics, change any verbiage that didn't make sense, add any goals that you think it might be missing. We all know what AI results tend to look like; they're not perfect.

The beauty of adding the conversational element to our AI is that you can now do most of those edits via prompts. You can ask things like:

  • Can you change the target to 40k instead of 25k?
  • Can you add a goal that covers our homepage conversion rate?
  • Remove goals that talk about social media, that isn't one of our focuses.

It can go much more in-depth than that even, but you get the idea. Editing your OKRs is easier than ever, and Tabby will always make sure that things are formatted properly and your goals are SMART ones.

Check out the demo:

This feature is live in the app now, and available to all users. Go check it out today and let us know what you think! πŸ™Œ