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Feature Roundup – 14 Jan

2022 is here, and your goals have so much potential right now! ✨ Get aspirational and start tracking those goals. Let's not just set and forget, it's time to strive and thrive! If you have hesitations about setting up your plans in Tability, please reach out, we'd love to help you 💛

✨ What's new

Add images to your updates
We just added a new option in the toolbar allowing you to upload images in your check-ins and comments. With that you can now add more context to your updates!

Provide better context to your outcomes

We have added a description field to outcomes that you can edit from the outcome settings panel. Once saved you will be able to see the description of your outcome in the info section of the outcome panel.

💭 Content Highlights

Links to some recent content from our team that you might find helpful:

  1. OKRs for your new years resolution
  2. 5 cultural norms that catalyse OKRs
  3. Introducing NFTabby!
  4. Year in review - 2021

We'd love to hear from you

That's it! If you have feedback or questions, please reach out or add your suggestions directly to our public roadmap. You can even vote for features that are already planned to expedite them, how fun! 🥳

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