Feature Roundup – Weighted OKRs

This week we released weighted goals, so you can put more importance on the goals that matter the most. New features, articles and more in our latest Feature Roundup.

Feature Roundup – Weighted OKRs
Tability feature roundup

OKRs are complicated. In theory, it's so simple, but in practice, every objective and key result comes with different metrics, different targets, and different circumstances. Some go up, some go down. Some even aren't measured with the same value or importance as others.

That's why we've introduced weighted goals. Sometimes one Key Results is going to be more important than others, and the total progress should reflect that.

New Features

Weighted Goals

Weighted goals in Tability

You can now defined a weight for your outcomes and Key Results. You'll see a 2x or 3x label next to the outcomes that have a weight above 1x, and you'll also be able to filter by weight in the outcomes listing view.Just go to the edit view of your outcomes to change the existing weight.Note:

  • Weight only affect the progress calculation of plans and objectives for outcomes that have the "Improvement" type (as we can't apply calculation for other types).

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Previous and Next buttons on Outcomes

It was a bit annoying before to have to close and re-open outcome panels over and over when reviewing progress on goals.Now you can easily cycle through the visible items with the previous and next buttons that are on each side of the title.(Yes, we'll soon have keyboard shortcuts!)

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💭 New Content

In this short video, How to Create OKRs your team won't Hate, we go through some tips and common mistakes for first time OKRs adopters. Set your self up for success by creating an OKR experience your team can embrace.

How to create OKRs your team won’t hate
In this video, we provide guidance on how to create OKRs that your team will actually embrace. We will cover some common mistakes teams make when it comes to setting objectives and key results, as well as way to avoid and best practices to make sure your team can have the best chances of success.

The key to success with OKRs is having the right culture, and that all starts with maintaining rituals 5 weekly check-in questions to keep your remote teams aligned goes into some key discussion points you can use to better align with your teams on a weekly basis.

5 weekly check-in questions to keep remote teams aligned
A weekly check-in can be a powerful tool to keep everyone aligned, especially in a remote setting. In this post, you’ll find 5 questions teams should answer every week, including actionable tips on how to write your answers.

What's the difference between Outcomes and Outputs? If you're not sure, start here and find out how your goals and tasks are related.

Outcomes vs Outputs: Understanding the Difference and Why it Matters
Outcomes and outputs

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