New Feature: Net Confidence Scores

This week's feature update is all about Net Confidence Scores, and how they might be the best new way to judge success in your OKRs.

New Feature: Net Confidence Scores

Last week we launched the latest feature in Tability, NCS (Net Confidence Score).

Net Confidence takes the confidence levels across your plan and gives you a single confidence score for the whole plan. It's a great way to see how plans (or teams) are doing compared to one another, so that you know where team's are thriving and where they are struggling.

We think this is going to be the best new way to measure OKR success with your teams.

✨ What's new

Net Confidence Scores in your Plans (+Plan Stats)

You might have noticed our new plan overview dashboard that gives you a quick summary of progress.

We also introduced a new kind of metric that we call the Net Confidence Score. It's a simple way to aggregate the confidence data in your plan into a single metric.You'll also find the Net Confidence Score (NCS) in the plans listing, allowing you to compare overall confidence at a glance.

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Customize Reminder Dates for Monthly Updates

There's a new workflow setting available to let you configure when monthly reminders should be sent. You will be able to decide if you want monthly check-ins reminders to happen:

  • On the first day of the month.
  • Before the first day of the month.
  • After the first day of the month.Just head to the Workflows section in the admin to update your configuration.Note: this setting applies to all monthly plans in your workspace.

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